Kung Fu & Self Defence – Martial Arts Classes

At Martial Arts South East we train an effective and purposeful Self Defence system, which is practised around the world in 63 countries and we have over a million members!

Our Martial Arts Classes will also improve your Fitness, Toning, Stamina, Cardiovascular & aid in Weight Loss. It also develops your mental fitness, making your mind sharper & more alert, whilst at the same time teaching you the skills needed to keep yourself safe. We are an effective Self Defence system that is trained with respect & control in a friendly & fun environment…

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Kung Fu Kids – Fun Martial Arts Classes

The main reasons Children join our Martial Arts Classes is to build Confidence, improve Focus, learn Self Defence, and have Fun meeting new people and making new friends.

We teach an internationally successful Life Skills & Character Education programme for children. Whether you are looking for your child to learn our anti bullying programme and to gain the skills needed to keep themselves safe, or looking for them to improve their concentration so they will improve their grades at school. Our motivated Instructors have been helping kids achieve this for many years! They will also expand their social and interactive skills. At Martial Arts South East we make sure they have plenty of fun training and making new friends…

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Kung Fu for Women – Improve your self confidence with Martial Arts Classes

More women than ever are taking our Martial Arts Classes to improve their physique, improve self confidence and learn the skills needed to protect themselves. Our non egoic training floor has proved very successful. In WingTsun we don’t fight using strength for strength, because this means that the larger & stronger person would always be the winner – we meet a stronger force, yield to it, combine it with our own & re-direct it back at our opponent. Regardless of size or appearance the WingTsun practitioner will overcome their opponent…

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Martial Arts South East – Classes & Taster Sessions

Our Martial Arts Classes are full of positive students and motivated Instructors. Everyone works together and helps each other achieve their goals!

FREE taster Martial Arts Classes are currently available, contact us for your space. We look forward to hearing from you…

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