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Every week, we talk with our youngest students about a ‘Word of the Week’. I would like to talk to you all about a very important Word of the Week topic that is vital in such challenging times – Perseverance. What is perseverance? According to *1, perseverance is: “steady persistence […]

Word of the Week – Perseverance

self defence - knife
Self Defence, it’s what you know… Hi everyone, hope you’re resting up after an excellent grading week! In this week’s blog, the topic is one of great importance: Self Defence and the British Law that governs it. In the UK, the law allows ‘such force as is reasonable in the circumstances’ […]

Self Defence and the Law!

First Class Martial Arts
Your First Class With Us… Hi everyone, hope you’re enjoying your Easter weekend! 🙂  This week I’ll be running through what you can expect from your first class experience at one of our schools….. Introduction… When you first arrive at the school you’ll be greeted by one of our Instructors, we will […]

Your First Class Experience…

Kids Martial Arts… Hi everyone…. Hope you’re all enjoying the new programs you’ve moved into! In this edition of my blog I’d like to talk about one of the main aspects of the schools that I’ve trained and taught in… the Kids Classes. I started my Martial Art journey in […]

Our Kids Martial Art Classes…

Happy Sunday everyone… As all of you are aware this week was grading week and testing for your next student grade! For new students that aren’t completely aware of the grading system in our schools here it is broken down:  In our curriculum we have 12 student grades split into 3 […]

Grading Week & Our Student Syllabus…