Chris Crudelli Seminar

Our Chris Crudelli seminar was an excellent afternoons training!

SiFu Chris is a well known Award winning Author, Director and TV host. He is best known as the host of television programmes about the martial arts of far eastern countries, and the BBC series Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves, where he travelled the world to meet some of the most extreme and alternative martial arts, as well as some of the worlds most famous instructors.

During the afternoon SiFu shared his extensive knowledge of knife training, ground fighting, kicking techniques and chi kung. He also held a Q & A about his life’s training, the famous teachers he’s met and all the travelling he’s done!

We look forward to SiFu Chris visiting us again in the near future 🙂

Check out more about Chris on his Facebook profile HERE.

To see our full photo album and more pictures from the weekend on our instructors Facebook page click HERE.

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