A Great Start to 2016…

Hi everyone…

We’ve had an excellent start to 2016! It’s great to see everyone back after their Christmas break fully motivated and focused on the new years training!

I would like to give you a run down on the current program rotation, what the student grades will be working on and why this is one of my favourite sets of programs.

THE BEGINNERS PROGRAM… Heavy Right Punches and Straight Punches, similar punches that a boxer or a street fighter would throw in the ring or on the street, as well as low roundhouse kicks that a kick boxer or Thai fighter would try.

These attacks can be extremely common on the street, therefore it is important to gain competence in these areas utilizing footwork and simultaneous attack and defense techniques with both hands. As well as this, it is important to continue to learn Wing Tsun’s first form, the Siu Nim Tau or ‘Little Idea Form’, this form contains all of our basic arm shapes and structure’s we use in combat, we also develop our steeping and footwork, as well as our center line chain punching which is often referred to punching like a machine gun.

THE INTERMEDIATES PROGRAM, Knee’s & Elbow’s is definitely in my top three programs. If you find yourself in a scenario where you are past kicking and punching range then your knee’s and elbow’s become vital. They are brutal tools to have at your disposal and it is a blast to train.

As well as continued study of Siu Nim Tau form and gaining a better understanding of the shapes, structures and principals, students will begin learning Wing Tsun’s second form, Chum Kiu or ‘Bridging Arms’, which introduces many other techniques and principal’s such as weight distribution, palm strike’s, side kicks and footwork.

martial arts, kung fu, self defenceTHE ADVANCED PROGRAM… Kicking & Counter Kicking, is the opposite of the knee’s and elbow’s program. When you have an opponent at a distance and you want to keep them there or if they try to close the distance on you it is great to intercept them with your legs. It is great fun to train and if you can take what you learn here into the multiple assailants program, you will really start to see and feel your Wing Tsun click into place.

So with plenty of exciting things coming up in the next couple of months there is plenty to learn. Train hard but never forget the most important part, enjoy.




Si Hing James ‘Paddy’ Armstrong