Self Defence Tunbridge Wells

👊👊👊 We love teaching Vincent at our Tunbridge Wells school!! He’s one of our most enthusiastic students and is always wearing a smile 👊👊👊

Here’s why he enjoys smashing it in our classes 👍

‘My name is Vincent and I am 48 years old. I have started martial art (wing-tsun) in february 2017. Martial art has have a deep impact on me: for instance it has increased my confidence, my fitness and my coordination, and it has taught me that I don’t need to always get it right. I have learnt to laugh at my mistakes’.

‘The friendly environment has also facilitated me to socialise with people. Finally, I would advise wing-tsun for trauma victims as it facilitates the communication and connections between the two hemispheres of the brain’.

Well done Vincent!! We look forward to seeing you at your next session 😃 keep up the great work 👍

Self Defence Tunbridge Wells