Tunbridge Wells Kung Fu – Testimonial

 Holly’s one of our best and most dedicated students!! She joined as a little girl but is growing up in to a strong and confident young woman!! We’re super proud of her!!

Here’s what she told us when we saw her in class this week…

‘I started my journey seven years ago, i started when I was five years old. This has helped me with my confidence, feeling like I will be able to protect myself if I am put in that position’.

‘I started it as I was not very good with focusing on a task… or standing still. My family had trained such as my sister, dad and uncle. My family thought it would be a good idea to get me started on this program’.

‘Later on in my journey I would like to get to the point I can teach others, and helping other people that were in the same situation that I was in’.

‘I still enjoy the lessons and looking forward to the next eight years’.


👉 We’re also looking forward to the next 8 years 👍 keep up the great work Holly 😃

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Tunbridge Wells Kung Fu